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Sardinia - The Fortress of Wild Horses

Unlike its neighbor Corsica, Sardinia has always been an island fortress, looking inwards and upwards from the scented macchia brushlands to the harsh, baked, rocky Giara plateau, home to Europe’s hardiest wild horses. Abandoned after 4,000 years as the island’s source of transport and power, they have fought the elements for a century to survive alone.

1 x 52 min | 4K

Big Bend - America's Wildest Frontier

The world’s most talked-about frontier is a vast wonderland of serene beauty and epic desert landscapes – home to some of America’a most glorious wildlife. Big Bend National Park boasts more species of birds, butterflies, bats, reptiles, cacti, ants and scorpions than any other US National Park. The soaring Chisos Mountains are sky-islands for survivors at the extreme edge of their range, seeking respite on their long migrations.

1 x 52 min | 4K

Wild Shetland

From otters to puffins, spectacular underwater diving gannets and rarely seen storm petrels, the climax of this film is a dramatic and exciting killer whale hunt where a pod filmed from land and air work together to corner young seals in the breathtaking scenery of these islands.

1 x 59 min | 4K

Russia's Wild Sea

Part I: Only the Thoughest
Part II: Tides of Plenty

The Sea of Okhotsk lies between the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Japanese island of Hokkaido: the last and greatest unspoiled ocean on Earth. It can be harsh and unforgiving; temperatures drop to -40 degrees, typhoons and tsunamis lash the shores. But it’s also a wildlife paradise where animals grow bigger, stronger and more numerous than anywhere else.

2 x 52 min | 4K

Sky Rivers of the Himalayas

Part I: From the Source to the Gorge
Part II: From the Forest to the Plains
Part III: From the Plains to the Ocean

It begins as the world’s highest major river. It thunders through the planet’s biggest gorge and flows past Asia’s biodiversity  hotspots, teeming with wildlife. United with the Ganges, it forms the world’s greatest river delta.

3 x 52 min | 4K

Wild Carribean - Rhythms of Life

Part I: Hunters
Part II: Whales and Volcanoes
Part III: Corals and Quetzals

Spectacular action in paradise. From the opening sequence of a sea turtle snared by a tiger shark it’s clear that no animal, Hunter or Hunted – above or below the water – can make it through life without a strategy for survival.

3 x 52 min | 4K

Richard the Lionheart

Even in his own time, King Richard personified all the ideals of knighthood. His legend is intertwined with that of King Arthur, whose sword Excalibur he wore. King of England, warrior, ruler and violent killer; six feet tall, with flaming red hair and beard – and a passion for poetry, he was also a master strategist at a time when Europe’s dynasties were engaged in a vicious struggle for power.

1 x 52 min | 4K

Atatürk - Father of Modern Turkey

The documentary Atatürk – Father of Modern Turkey attempts to come to terms with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as both a larger-than-life personality and a phenomenon of the zeitgeist at the turn of the last century. Atatürk’s revolution reflected the tensions between tradition, affairs of state and religion prevalent at the time. He was a man driven by the ideals he was prepared to implement at any cost, and his reforms completely changed the face of Turkey.

1 x 52 min | 4K