Strategy is the master plan for success whether it is through Brand Archtecture, Brand Planning, Rebranding, Positioning and Social Media Strategy.

Content Distribution

Filmedia distributes factual and fiction content, produced by main players of international Tv market,
to main italian and Switzerland broadcaster. Filmedia exclusively represents in Italy and Italian Switzerland
several internationally reckoned blue-chip Catalogues.
Among theses: ORF Enterprise, Deutsche Welle Transtel and Skyworks Ltd.

Stock Footage Distribution

Filmedia distributes main stock footage archives.
Since 2010 Filmedia exclusively represents Framepool, a leading footage sales player.
In 2013/2014 Filmedia managed the succesful start up of Shutterstock Inc in Italy.

Channel Distribution and Consulting

Filmedia operates : succesful International brands/Tv Players and Networks that would like to enter the dynamic iyet complicated talian tv market. Filmedia offers a specific consulting (market Intell, competitors, audience ratings, platforms, Advertising support, implementation and analysis) and an in-depth expertise in commercial and business planning to better capitalize and individuate possible partners and define potential independent launch or Joint Ventures.

Tv Channel Publisher

Filmedia is a Tv Channel Publisher on Sky Italia with n. 2 brands :
Sposa Tv
Bike Channel
Filmedia manages two property channels in house with a full team for production, post production and acquisition contents.

Experience and Expertise

Filmedia is a content and service provider as well as a publisher of vertical channels and websites.
Its expertise and international network allows it to be at the centre of new ventures and to be a premium partner and consultant of international media players.

We believe in

  • Quality and Excellence - dedication to delivering quality and value to customers
  • Competence, Committment and Success – achievement of results with continued monitoring af performance and standards.
  • Innovation and Improvement – we constantly challenge and improve how we do things

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